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10 Creative Ways to Use LinkPeak for Business

April 18th, 2023
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Even if you've glanced at a few Instagram or TikTok posts, you've probably already come across the expression "link in bio." It appears everywhere, from product updates from your favourite brands to established businesses enhancing their online marketing. What does "link in bio" mean, though? Why do people use it so frequently? And should you join in the fun as well to use LinkPeak for your business?

Here are 10 creative ways to use LinkPeak's 'link in bio' tool to enhance your business.

#1 LinkPeak for Social Media Marketing

Instagram's ability to increase website traffic has been severely constrained for as long as we can recall. Instagram users are only permitted to add one clickable link to their profile. But did you know that you could make this one link in your bio the central location for all of your vital commercial links? Everything is achievable with the link in the bio tool.
LinkPeak offers advanced page and button customizations with template designs for businesses across several industries. Using LinkPeak’s customisable buttons, businesses can share social media links on various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and many others. Sharing top, trending posts in a button is another outstripping feature that LinkPeak offers. Using LinkPeak businesses can promote their brand online without leaving the LinkPeak landing page.
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#2 LinkPeak for Email Marketing

Verbatim in nature, one of the best practices of Email Marketing is to not send more than two CTAs per brand or business. Email marketing fosters relationships and a sense of community while encouraging repeat business. Hence, Email Marketing is crucial with relevant information and links at once.
With LinkPeak, it becomes easier to create sign-up forms, download CTAs for applications and direct buttons and links for products, promotions and offers. As a practice, instead of sending separate mail attachments, LinkPeak can be used to send a cumulative link with all information in one place. Businesses can also have a dedicated LinkPeak page for campaigns and lead generation.
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#3 LinkPeak for Content Marketing

Content is king! Through LinkPeak, businesses can utilise dynamic features to market and distribute their content. LinkPeak offers buttons like YouTube embeds, Twitter, Facebook and TikTok, along with links to blogs across channels like Medium. To facilitate the distribution of published content, businesses can do so through separate LinkPeak pages allocated for various kinds of related content for their website.
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#4 LinkPeak for Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process of making money online every time a customer purchases a product based on your recommendation. Influencers who perform affiliate marketing on behalf of brands are provided with personalized URLs. When viewers click these links, the influencer is credited for the lead or sale.
With LinkPeak, influencers can create separate pages, have specific content pages to show their interaction with the business and further invite the audience to engage with the business. Adding influencer-specific content ensures the incentivisation of influencers based on link and page performance. Influencer marketing has enormous potential to increase client involvement with your business.

#5 LinkPeak for Influencers

Influencers can quickly promote a company using affiliate links, and brands can keep track of these influencers' activities. Linkpeak allows businesses to create brand affiliation links and track those links for clicks and sales. Influencers use the link-in-bio tool to increase audience reach, run multiple campaigns and sell products or services.
LinkPeak is the one-stop store for all of your content. You simply need to share a single link to direct traffic to it, and you only need to update it in one location. Since you've developed an audience around it, your personal brand is usually rather distinctive to you. Therefore, it's crucial to be able to highlight what makes your brand unique. You get access to the complete set of customising tools with LinkPeak.

#6 LinkPeak for Event Planning and Promotions

Using customizable event and promotion templates, LinkPeak users can build universal links in the bio to publish new content and showcase links to all the events in one place. Businesses can use LinkPeak for end-to-end event planning and promotions. Through LinkPeak links, attendees of a business event can register, attend the live stream and watch recorded events all on the same link.
A single LinkPeak button can transition viewers through different stages. LinkPeak buttons can also be used to direct the attendees to a feedback form, or further direct them to promotional claims and offers. Past events and recordings can also be shown to the attendees with a single click button on LinkPeak.
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#7 LinkPeak for Customer Support

With our priority support, you can prioritise a link for increased traffic and reach within collaborations and partnerships. Customer Support has enhanced widely from being just about emails and raising customer tickets to having spontaneous human support for specific problems.
With LinkPeak’s customer support, businesses can direct people to knowledge bases and FAQs. LinkPeak’s pages can also help businesses direct their customers to the most prominent problems and distinct solution pages. The smart link feature allows LinkPeak customers to direct them to relevant support resources.
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#8 LinkPeak for Sales and eCommerce

Setting up an e-commerce site might be a game-changer for a company with a product to sell. It differs from having your online area, even while you can sell your products on other websites or in person. Even if your physical store is thriving, adding an online store will expand your audience and increase consumer interaction.
LinkPeak’s custom buttons let businesses include product catalogues and categories along with customisations like the top-selling and newly launched products. Enhancing the sales experience on LinkPeak, eCommerce websites can customise LinkPeak appearance pages similar to the brand appearance and make it consumer-specific for better brand value. You can also call for actions to download your apps and ask for customer support if required.
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#9 LinkPeak for Landing Pages

A dedicated standalone page on your domain is what a landing page is. It is typically employed as a lift pitch to market a single product. LinkPeak allows businesses to have multiple landing pages for multiple products for a business. For each product, you can make a targeted LinkPeak page which can have crucial business information like pricing, highlights and CTAs to download product links or services.
Using LinkPeak landing pages, customers can be taken through the entire website with highlights on a specific landing page. This allows narrow targeting and relevant information all in one place. Your audience can see your business domain and trust the business, and hence the traffic will be circled in your favour.
You can create a customised landing page to highlight products or advertise a deal, then drive traffic there using social media advertising that specifically targets new or existing customers.

#10 LinkPeak for Lead Generation

A link in the bio of your Instagram, TikTok, or other social media profiles may be a distinctive way to draw in quality leads to your website and encourage them to take the necessary action if done correctly. To give your customers a comprehensive brand experience, incorporate landing pages into your marketing initiatives.
A single landing page can ensure signups and further lead to the generation of new buyers. With LinkPeak’s mini landing pages, your target leads will be reduced to those who are most likely to convert to customers so that you may focus on each one separately.

End Note

With LinkPeak, monitor your earnings, and keep an eye on your engagement levels. Discover what is converting your audience and make timely, accurate updates to keep them interested.
April 18th, 2023

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