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10 Examples of Effective LinkPeak.io Pages for E-commerce Businesses

April 25th, 2023
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E-commerce platforms don't just improve the client experience; they also make life easier for business owners and help them succeed. As per an industry report, e-commerce will make up 20.4% of global retail sales by 2023.
But why is eCommerce so popular?
The solution is straightforward: It's practical. Additionally, quickly searching for coupon codes allows you to purchase what you require at a reduced price without leaving the house. Online retailers make it easy. But an eCommerce platform that works hard provides convenience. These systems enable interactions between buyers and sellers and guarantee safe and efficient transactions.
Link-in bio tools like LinkPeak make it easier for E-commerce businesses to flourish through compelling product and landing pages, among other creative ideas. If you own an e-commerce business, here are 10 Examples of Effective LinkPeak.io Pages for E-commerce Businesses.
#1 Product Pages
With the advent of LinkPeak, you can now share several options with your customers and followers using the single link action on your profile. This is particularly fantastic when you want to offer your consumers a specific call to action, such as a product promotion or special event. Giving your audience a choice to choose what they want to learn more about all in one place means that you no longer need to change your profile link if you want to advertise a new product, promotion, blog post, or event.
Through various customizations, businesses can make their product pages more aesthetically pleasing and engaging than vanilla links. With an array of options, display your links visually, make changes to the links, and track link traffic in real time.
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#2 Category Pages
A category page is a page that, in the hierarchy of your website, comes before product pages. It facilitates a user's navigation to the area of your website they desire and aids them in finding the particular product categories they seek. Using LinkPeak, E-commerce businesses can direct clients to the products using category pages. LinkPeak pages can show relevant categories and go-to links to your customers. Include your Shopify and Spring stores directly in your LinkPeak and facilitate product category pages.
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#3 Affiliate Marketing Pages
It makes sense to collaborate with people with a strong presence in these locations if you're an entrepreneur wanting to increase your company's online and social media visibility. Affiliate marketing allows for making money through E-commerce businesses each time a customer purchases a recommended product.
LinkPeak allows influencers to create specific pages to attract niche customers and drive traffic to the product pages. Influencers who perform affiliate marketing on behalf of brands are provided with personalized URLs. The influencer is credited for the lead or sale when viewers click these links.
#4 Checkout Pages
A checkout page is a page(s) related to payment and shipping/billing details on an eCommerce store. On LinkPeak, businesses can create a link that takes the customers directly to a checkout page where the products are added. For each product category ranging from food items to single non-customizable products, LinkPeak allows the creation of a reference page or link to checkout. You can create separate LinkPeak pages for various kinds of products and can customize them according to the brand value.
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#5 ‘You Recently Browsed’ Pages
LinkPeak can help businesses analyze consumer behavior and create user pages of products they recently checked out. For instance, if a customer has browsed through specific products, a business can create a LinkPeak page based on the crawling history of those products and send them across with current offers and promotions. Businesses can use customer browsing behavior to send relevant product pages in one place.
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#6 Abandoned Cart Page
Using consumer behavior analysis, businesses can track abandoned carts and use the same to create LinkPeak pages with products that were not purchased initially. Customized pages can have products from the abandoned cart and sent over a link through emails, which could also enhance the engagement rates of businesses. By doing this, LinkPeak will enable businesses to compensate for lost revenue and raise their return on investment (ROI). LinkPeak allows businesses to create genuine branded pages with all the products linked in one place.
#7 Best Buys Page
Often on brand pages and business websites, there are trends, best buys, and recommended products in different categories. To highlight the best buys of any business, LinkPeak allows the creation of best-buy pages that bring top exclusive brands with their best-selling products all in one place. This means that one LinkPeak page can include multiple top-selling products and can facilitate the reach of various brands under filters like price range, discounts, offers, and other customizable product-related filters.
#8 Recent Promotions Page
As successful businesses know, deal promotions are among the most efficient ways to enhance sales, customer happiness, and brand exposure. Through LinkPeak, E-commerce businesses can easily create LinkPeak pages with offers, product links, promotional coupons, codes, and much more. Using the social media buttons on LinkPeak, it becomes easy to bring in product promotion in social media posts with dedicated LinkPeak pages in a carousel format. In the same manner, various promotional ways like Buy One Get One Deal, lifestyle discounts, cashback promotions, and flash sales and discounts.
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#9 Wishlist Page
As consumers, while purchasing products on E-commerce websites, many a time, we add products to our wishlist and forget about them; using consumer analysis and sales, businesses can leverage the wishlist bags and create LinkPeak pages with any 4-5 products from the wishlist and their links.
Adding additional promotional codes, slashing prices and offers on those products, and sending them across can lead to purchasing them. Reminding consumers of those wishlist products with slashed prices through LinkPeak pages with all links in one place could mean notifying people about high price products at a slashed price in a single link.
#10 Collaborations and Newly Launched Page
The internet tends to elevate everything it touches, which is true of marketing. The internet and social media are like giant, international stadiums filled with paid advertisements. Businesses can use this data to target their consumers more effectively than ever before because the internet and apps are data-driven platforms. Based on consumer browsing history, businesses can collaborate with third-party applications and promote their LinkPeak pages with the customer's preferred products.
These platforms can also announce new product launches and call to grab ongoing offers and promotions. LinkPeak pages can be customized with product links in one place and sent to third-party applications like Amazon and Flipkart.
End Note
Small businesses appreciate using payment and social media marketing connectors compatible with LinkPeak. All you have to do is include them; we will handle the rest.
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April 25th, 2023

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