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5 Creative Ways to Use LinkPeak for Event Promotion

May 25th, 2023
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LinkPeak is a powerful tool that can help you promote your event and drive more engagement and registrations.
Numerous companies hold events to promote their brands, new goods and services, and strong client relationships. The pandemic increased the number of online events, but as limitations progressively loosened, businesses have begun to schedule hybrid and in-person events once more.
Using LinkPeak’s various features and tools, you can create a comprehensive event promotion strategy that reaches your target audience and maximizes your results. You can start optimising conversions by including event details, videos, photos, and registration details, among other options, to capture attendee information.
Keep reading to learn the five creative ways to use LinkPeak for event promotion.

LinkPeak Page for Registrations, LIVE & Recordings

Using LinkPeak, you can have a specific page to direct viewers to the event’s registration form, allow people to add the event to their calendar and even view the recording post the live event. This page can also include all the relevant details about your event, such as the date, time, location, and a description of what attendees can expect.
You can use different buttons on the same LinkPeak page during different phases of the event. - Before the event, you can direct the viewers to a page which enlists the event’s agenda, about the speaker, venue and timings. - During the event, you can have a button which allows a viewer to join the event. - Post the event, the event can be transcribed into audio, uploaded as a podcast and made accessible via LinkPeak custom buttons. The event’s video recording can also be put up on YouTube and made available via LinkPeak’s YouTube embed buttons.

LinkPeak Page to View and Promote Past Events

LinkPeak offers buttons, including the latest YouTube video, YouTube embeds, and YouTube branded buttons related to current events on YouTube, which can facilitate the promotion of events in the past and present uploaded on YouTube.
You can also create a landing page to view the ongoing events and call for audiences to view past events.

LinkPeak Event Promotion Page for Affiliate Marketing

Using LinkPeak, you can also create event promotion pages for affiliate marketing. Event promotion can be an effective way to drive traffic to your affiliate marketing offers. Influencers can use influencer-specific landing pages to promote an event and increase registrations.
In return, you can incentivize the influencer for every registration they bring for the event. You can use the LinkPeak analysis tool to review the buttons' performance and monitor their promotional efforts' success. This can help you identify what works best and adjust future promotions.
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LinkPeak for Event Promotion using Email Marketing

By 2023 the number of emails sent and received daily will reach 347.3 billion. Email marketing for event promotion accessible is a no-brainer to reach your audience and boost engagement.
Intensifying emails with a lot of links and heavy file attachments can impact the conversion rate negatively. With LinkPeak you can have one page with all the CTAs which direct users to the event’s official landing page or registration forms and other important assets.
Using LinkPeak, you can have download prompt buttons with all the required details. So, assets that were required to be added in the email as heavy attachments can significantly be clubbed into one link for a better transaction of email marketing.

LinkPeak for Event Promotion as a measure to Take Polls and Opinions

Before an event, understanding your audience's expectations is a healthy practice. Whether it's an in-person, online, or hybrid event, keeping your audience interested throughout is essential to its success.
Before and after the event, you can use LinkPeak buttons to direct viewers to polls and opinion landing pages to understand what the audience is seeking before and after the event. This will give the speaker insights into questions and topics. Post the event direct attendees to feedback forms.
Finally, these buttons can be later analyzed using LinkPeak analytics to generate the top trends people are interested in. This data can later be used to create blog posts, integrate surveys, share results with social following or highlight the results in marketing for future events.

End Note

Remember to keep your landing page and message consistent with your overall brand and marketing strategy and to use LinkPeak's analytics tools to refine your approach continuously.
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May 25th, 2023

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